An urgent Covid-19 appeal

Middlemore Foundation’s work in the community has never been needed more than now.


We are working with urgency to deliver essential items to our most vulnerable families in South Auckland.

grandma cuddling granddaughter


COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has affected all countries and people around the world. For our vulnerable families and their children living in impoverished conditions, the impact is immense. 

These families living have been faced with unimaginable challenges before Covid-19 and are now experiencing trouble providing basic supplies and essential items. 

Some challenges our families face:


  • They often do not have access to online ordering or the internet

  • No transport to the supermarket and can't get to the local store

  • Unable to access or meet the criteria for government agency support

  • Have significant disabilities and/or are without a home address and/or identification

  • Examples include solo mothers, the elderly, the disabled or immuno-suppressed, or those living in a state of poverty with minimal whānau support

For these families, the challenge of providing essential items will not go away when the lockdown is lifted. With your help, we can eliminate one element of their stress and provide food, blankets, nappies and sanitary products to our most vulnerable families who are in urgent need.

Our community are also in need of masks. For many in the South Auckland Community, it is not affordable to purchases masks or the material to create their own. 

 He waka eke noa. We’re all in this together 


kids eating in south auckland

Your donation today will help ensure that Middlemore Foundation can provide families with parcels containing blankets, food and sanitary products:

  • $10 will provide a sanitary or nappies pack

  • $15 will feed a family of 4 for one day

  • $25 will provide one blanket to a child or adult in need

  • $50 will feed a solo mother and her child for a week

  • $100 will feed a family of 4 for a week


Middlemore Foundation is working closely with community partners to provide this service to our families in need.