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The Eyeglasses programme is a programme coordinated by Middlemore Foundation. It was recognised children were experiencing headaches and poor academic results as a result of blurred vision and not having glasses to assist their poor eyesight. The inability to see is a barrier to learning and hinders children from reaching their potential.

kids wearing prescription glasses

Some of the children at school discover at eye-tests they have problems with their vision, such as being short-sighted or long-sighted. It is very distressing for children not to be able to read writing on the whiteboard, distinguish words in books and other learning materials.


After long periods of time learning difficulties and behavioural problems can arise.

During this time it can be difficult for families on a limited budget to purchase a pair of glasses. Middlemore Foundation’s Eyeglasses Programme was designed to assist low income families with funding for their child’s glasses, which can cost $300 or more.

Children who need assistance are referred to Kidz First Public Health Nurses after a failed routine vision screening test at school. The Public Health Nurses work with the whānau and their children in schools and the wider community to provide support, immunisation programmes, specialist nursing services and follow-up with children identified with hearing and vision needs.



The Eyeglasses programme means Kidz First Public Health Nurses can access a fund for drug and glasses prescriptions. This allows children from families in need to maintain a good health status and to reach their full learning potential.

Since the programme began $121,608 has been donated resulting in more than 400 children have receiving a pair of glasses.

Get involved and give the gift of sight.

School Children

The Eyeglasses Programme was an initiative started by the Lions Club of Bucklands Beach after approaching Middlemore Foundation about an urgent need to provide prescription eyeglasses for underprivileged children in South Auckland.

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All donations go straight towards changing lives and helping the community to thrive. Your donation makes a difference.

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