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Mana-A-Riki logo Middlemore Founation

The mana of the child, achieved through investing in many small (riki) changes

to make a powerful (mana) impact. 


kids doing kapa haka


Purpose: Mana-ā-riki is a unique programme that addresses children’s health, their home environment and education in low decile communities.

teaching at manurewa high school


providing proactive health services in schools

brother reading to sister


having a direct connection with family to address key issues in new and innovative ways

manurewa high school students


providing digital learning to accelerate student achievement in low decile schools


In New Zealand 270,000 children suffer from preventable, life-threatening diseases usually only seen in third world countries. They live in cold, damp, overcrowded unsafe houses and they are failing to achieve at school.

The goal of this programme is to give children the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential. Middlemore Foundation raises the funds to support health services provided by Counties Manukau Health and for the child health innovation projects within the pilot.



Kootuitui ki Papakura is the pilot programme in South Auckland led by the community through the schools. The children and their families in Papakura were given the opportunity to participate.

The programme began in 2015 with 1700 children at 6 low decile schools, and is a holistic approach with the child at the centre, integrating three strands of health, education and healthy homes. 

manurewa high school students
kids blowing bubbles


All donations go straight towards changing lives and helping the community to thrive. Your donation makes a difference.

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