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Adding Comfort to Kidz First Burn Room

We are hugely to grateful to The Burn Support Charitable Trust and Southern Stars Charitable Trust for purchasing a Sofa Chair Fold Out and a Reclining Chair which are already in use in Kidz First's dedicated Paediatric Burn Room!

The reclining soft chair is for comfort, especially when these children and their families have a lengthy hospital stay. It is often used for cuddles and a change from being on their beds. The sofa chair fold-out is used as an extra bed for when an additional parent or child stays which most often happens when the patient has just come to the ward traumatised and needs extra support, or child care is unavailable for siblings. The Sofa bed is an appropriate alternative to a patient bed,  as it takes up less room and can be used as a chair during the day for family members. These items were on the wishlist and we were thrilled to have them donated thanks to our awesome friends at Burn Support Charitable Trust.


This furniture is a wonderful addition to the positive pressure room that was recently constructed for burn patients to promote wound healing and recovery with the support of Middlemore Foundation funders. As Middlemore Hospital is home to New Zealand's National Burn Centre, having dedicated healing spaces like these contribute to providing essential care to young burn patients and improving their overall well-being. In New Zealand, approximately 475 children under the age of 15 are admitted to hospitals each year due to burns or scalds, with 80% of these cases involving children five years old or younger.

Thank you again to the Burn Support Charitable Trust for your ongoing support of our young patients, this purchase being the latest of many donations. The Charity provides equipment annually that will enhance those burn survivors during their hospitalisation period, assisting and supporting the patient, families and staff during the burn journey. 

The pull-out sofa bed

The Reclining Chair

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