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Speakers bring comfort during palliative care

At the end of life, hearing is the last of the senses to go. Music is something many people are passionate about and for palliative patients, it brings solace and comfort during what can be an emotional time.

Middlemore Hospital’s Palliative Care team, who work with patients and families to ensure they are as comfortable, often recommend families play music for their loved ones to soothe them. Patients may be agitated and restless, and music helps to settle them.

Kerry Logistics has been supporting Middlemore Foundation and our community for several years now, and the team kindly donated speakers which have been placed in the rooms of palliative patients so they can enjoy music during this time. Among the families that have benefited from this donation, one particular multi-generational family stands out. Having experienced significant loss and facing the difficulties of end-of-life care for a loved one, they found solace through playing gentle guitar melodies through these speakers. The therapeutic effects of music brought the patient peace and provided the family with a sense of comfort and support.

Thank you to the wonderful Palliative care team for ensuring end-of-life is as comfortable as possible for our patients, and to Kerry Logistics for their generosity.

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