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Spring Paanui 2022

From our CEO

I always enjoy Spring – the days are longer, the sun is getting stronger and the koowhai is in bloom. For Maaori this is known as Kooanga ‘the digging season’, time to prepare the soil and plant crops for harvest in the following months. Our spring newsletter shares what the Foundation is helping to grow and reflects on the impact we have made over the last year. Middlemore and our South Auckland community has been at the epicentre of one of the most significant challenges ever faced by our country, and you knew this. You helped us get vouchers, hygiene packs, jammies and knitting to the families who desperately needed them. You supported our staff when they were at their busiest. You invested in our future workforce to safeguard us against the next challenges. You helped refurbish the Kidz First ED. And you helped us walk alongside our Ngaa Tai Tini whaanau as they pathway towards a hopeful future. You can see more about the impact you have helped us have below. Supporting our Health Science Students We recently launched the 2022 Health Science Scholarship Fund to grow and celebrate the 600 Pasifika students who are studying at 13 Health Science Academies. Our vision is for every one of those students who want to continue their Health Science journey, to have the financial and pastoral support to do so. Find out more about how to support these brilliant students by clicking here. Aroha mai, aroha atu Margi Mellsop CEO

Thank you for warming up Winter!

Thanks to your generosity, 16,800 pairs of pyjamas were distributed and raised$43,632 to warm up kiwi homes!

Dr. Alekzander wants you to know, your support in warming up homes this winter was effective in reducing the number of respiratory illnesses seen in the ward and her team is so grateful!

"Gifting patients a pair of warm, colourful jammies really brightened up their stay. It was so joyous to see the huge, excited smiles on the kids' faces when they received these donations, and the families were very grateful".

- Dr Rebecca Alekzander (Kidz First paediatrician)

Thank you for your support of Jammies in June. You made the hospital a more friendly place for our tamariki coming in and makes such a difference to an otherwise really scary experience for them.

Put Kidz First this Christmas!

Middlemore Foundation is teaming up with Dave Letele’s BBM to put Kidz First this Christmas.

Together we aim to give every sick child in Counties Manukau a Christmas present and give our families in real need a fresh BBM Christmas Food Pack. We will be distributing these in the hospital and at a Special Christmas party, we are hosting the week of Christmas.

If you would like to help us put Kidz First this Christmas please let us know via this form. Simply click the button below to fill out the form!

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