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A Thank You to Our Generous Knitters

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The wool programme continues to be an outstanding success, bringing together the skills of knitters, and mothers who could do with a hand to make sure baby is snug and warm. Twice a year Middlemore Foundation invite our knitters to attend a ‘Knitter Natter’ morning tea to thank them for donating their beautifully knitted garments.

The morning teas are a great opportunity for knitters to bring their latest knitted items and showcase them at the front of the venue on 5 large tables. The tables and all around them by the end of the morning tea are always flooded with hand-knitted items such as blankets, booties, beanies, cardigans, toys, and vests.

These garments are then packaged up and given to new mums and babies in need at Middlemore hospital and in the community. The packages contain blankets, booties, beanies, cardigans and vests – you name it – and have clothing to cope with baby’s growth in its first year.

We can not thank you all enough for the hard work, time, creativity and love you put into your garments. Not only does it make mothers smile, but also all the staff who are involved with the programme. Thank you for all that you do.

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