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Cancer survivor Lynda Murdoch hosts fundraiser for Middlemore Foundation

Lynda Murdoch, one of our generous donors, is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Lynda is a person who chooses to see the light in difficult situations and has chosen to help others in need during her journey.

Lynda has always had a passion for giving back and helping those in need, where she has supported numerous charities throughout her lifetime. This includes a donation of $1,500 worth of wool to Beanies for Babies, a knitting group that supports the Middlemore Foundation. Lynda expressed to us she has ‘always loved helping people’.

Lynda was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago and was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer again. Her son James knew it would be upsetting for Lynda to lose her hair through chemotherapy, instead they decided to host a fundraising event for Middlemore Foundation's Wool Programme where all family members shaved their heads together. Lynda describes it as “basically finding and doing some good out of a horrid situation”.

South Auckland is close to her families heart, with her son attending school in the area since he was 13 years old. James is now married with children and still resides in the South Auckland region, thus still having a strong connection to Middlemore.

An afternoon of champagne and nibbles with friends and family was organised where they ended up raising over $6,200, an outstanding result and much more than Lynda expected.

“The biggest kick for me is seeing so many little things being created to help the most vulnerable children in our society” says Lynda. “It has been a very humbling experience, I’ve learnt a lot and take pleasure in knowing that all our friends have helped to keep these wonderful little babies warm and snug”.

It is extremely inspiring and heartwarming to see someone going through their own struggles wanting to help others in need. Thank you Lynda for your generosity and support towards our Wool Programme.

Your donation purchased a large quantity of wool that will help many of our 2,000 knitters be able to create beautiful knitted garments for our babies in need.

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