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Grateful patient gives back to Middlemore Hospital

Jagjot Toor spent a month and a half at Middlemore Hospital after an accident, that resulted in him losing a leg.

Eager to give back after the incredible care and service he received at Middlemore Hospital, Jagjot has kindly donated 30 fans to the Hospital just before Christmas to distribute on to the wards.

Jagjot visited Middlemore Foundation at the end of December with his friend, Manpreet, to acknowledge the level of care he received, and to share a letter with all staff.

"I knew help was on the way but where? I lay in a pool of blood hoping someone will come to rescue me. Pain and fear continued to make me think of my family. I wanted to see them.

The sound of the helicopter and soon paramedics made it better.

I was rushed to Middlemore Hospital, I was taken to OT and that night Doctors, Surgeons and Staff gave me a new life.

I lost my leg but they saved me. Surgery after surgery and wash outs, Nurses, Physiotherapists and ward assistants were my family. The mental and physical support they gave me helped me fight through. Finally I was given a prosthetic leg and I could stand and walk again.

After a month and half in Hospital I was able to live again. I went back to work. I could drive, I could walk. Every time I stand now I look back and think of Middlemore Hospital – the home, the staff and now my saviour. I decided to come back and thank you all. The Nurses, Surgeons, Doctors, Orderlies, Therapists Caterers, Cleaners for your devotion to your work and tell you all that I live today, I walk today because of you all.

I am sure there are many more like me who live and laugh and hug their families because of you. I am grateful and I owe you all and my first pay check after I joined my work is what I share with you all today.

Thank you. "

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