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Give a child the gift of warmth this Jammies in June

As the colder season quickly approaches us, we need your help providing 25,000 pairs of pyjamas to our community in need.

In 2018, statistics showed that 2,928 people died from respiratory diseases in New Zealand, making it the third largest cause of death. This relates to people living in cold, damp houses with limited warmth causing them to fall ill. Respiratory diseases is New Zealand's third most common cause of death.

Many of our children and families living within Counties Manukau community are sleeping in cold, damp living conditions, with minimal warmth to prevent them from falling ill.

Together, we can change that.

The cooler months are here and we are on a mission to get warm, winter jammies out to children in need ASAP, but we need your help.

Whether this be a warm pair of flannelette pyjamas, a blanket, slippers or a monetary donation – everything helps towards protecting and preventing our whaanau in South Auckland from falling ill with fevers and respiratory diseases.

Help us spread warmth this winter!

Last year, Jammies in June worked a little differently under Covid-19 restrictions. We encouraged pyjamas to be purchased from retailers online and sent directly to us. This proved to be an effective method in getting pyjamas out quickly to those in-need and we welcome you to do it again this year. How you can help:

  • Purchase jammies online from a retailer and get the items shipped directly to us

  • Purchase jammies in-store and send them to us

  • Make a donation in lieu of a pair of pyjamas

  • Host a fundraiser

  • Become a drop-off point for your local area

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