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Kingi's Collapsed Lung

Now 7 years old, Kingi was just 3 months old when he experienced a collapsed lung as a result of living in a cold, damp home with asbestos and without insulation.

It was a terrifying experience for his parents, Rex and Carol, who rushed him to the hospital by ambulance, and the start of a lifelong struggle with respiratory illness following a bronchiectasis diagnosis (chronic lung disease).

Since then, Kingi has had to go to the hospital every three months for two weeks to receive antibiotics. During his hospital visits, Kingi's father stays with him while his mother takes care of his three siblings at home.

Winter is the worst time for Kingi, as his respiratory problems become more pronounced. He experiences wheezing and crackling in his lungs. To help him breathe more easily, Kingi uses nebulizers and undergoes physiotherapy at home.

Despite these challenges, Kingi is a cheerful child who loves rugby and spending time with his dad. It's too dangerous for Kingi to join a rugby team, though he is often asking his dad to play at the park, his dad takes him there every night after work to pass the ball.

Recently, Kingi's family have had another setback as Cyclone Gabrielle ripped a hole through the roof and flooded their warm, dry home, damaging everything they owned. They are still waiting for a new home today, and it's been a difficult time for the whole family.

Donate now to make sure that children like Kingi have warm jammies to help prevent winter illnesses.

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