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National Burn Centre staff are grateful for equipment funded by Burn Support Group Charitable Trust

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Pictured: Courtney Olds, Paul Baker, Daniela Ciura, Tracey Perrett, Jerson Valencia, Michele Henry, Robyn Maria, Vina Singh.

The Burn Support Group Charitable Trust has generously funded three pieces of important equipment to help ease the process that the National Burn Centre and Kidz First Children’s Hospital undergo during times of need.

The donated equipment consists of a Medikin Teaching Aid Doll, a Viking Chair with a leg rest and two K Pumps. The donated goods will help speed up surgical procedures, help staff to educate individuals, and ease the rehabilitation process for patients who have just undergone surgery.

The Medikin Teaching Aid Doll will live at Kidz First Children’s Hospital and be used as a teaching aid for medical role play to educate both children and adults about medical procedures and burn injuries. The doll provides patients with the opportunity to learn how to manage a burn injury, a great way to reduce fear and eliminate emotional barriers a child may be facing in hospital. It gives individuals the opportunity to touch, practice procedures and visually see what an injury may look like before seeing it in real life.

After a burn injury many patients suffer from long-term negative health outcomes afterwards, including limited mobility and independence. The addition of a Viking chair is a helping hand during the lengthy rehabilitation process, which can be a frustrating and anxious time for many patients.

Since the arrival of the Viking Chair at the National Burn Centre, it has been used on a daily basis and patients are benefiting. The height adjustable rehabilitation allows patients to easily practice sitting and standing, with the leg rest reduces the risk of pressure on the injury by helping maintain stability. It also provides additional support for patients who are unable to stay standing, by giving them an opportunity to exercise.

The K Pumps are another piece of equipment used for patients who have suffered severe burns and require a lengthy rehabilitation process. These peristaltic pumps deliver the solution resulting in a minimized surgical time, an accurate delivery and are essential for the safety of the patient.

The pumps are essential in today’s surgeon technique. They allow the surgeon to focus on tissue response rather than the task of pushing the fluid through. Infiltration will minimize blood loss and allow precision in determining what tissue needs excising and what tissue can be saved. This allows faster recovery, healing and overall aesthetic effect.

We would like to thank Burn Support Group Charitable Trust for their incredible contribution to the National Burn Centre and Kidz First Children’s Hospital. The equipment will be of great benefit to both staff and patients now and in the future.

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