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New Zealand’s biggest pyjama party has finally arrived: Jammies in June 2020!

As winter approaches, we are on a mission to ensure our most vulnerable children stay as warm as possible during the colder months by providing them with a warm pair of PJs!

Our whānau in South Auckland need your help more than ever before.

Due to COVID-19, Jammies in June is happening a little differently this year. We do not have a target, we simply ask you to donate what you can. We are aware many families have been put in difficult situations this year, so any support will go a long way.

At this stage, we are unable to accept drop-offs. Middlemore Hospital still has a strict visitor policy in place and as our office is located in the Hospital we must follow these protocols too.

We ask that you send items in. Please ensure you stay updated on our website for any new information regarding this.

But wait, there’s more! Introducing our “Cold for a Cause” challenge…

​Every winter, thousands of children go to sleep each night without warm pyjamas to combat the cold - and preventable illnesses.

This year for Jammies in June we're asking you to get fundraising and go Cold for a Cause. We want to put you in the situation that many of these disadvantaged children face most nights, so you can experience first hand how some of our children feel during the Winter.

Cold for a Cause challenges you to spend two cold nights without your warm winter pyjamas or heating to gain a small insight into how children under the poverty line live and to raise urgent funds to give jammies to our tamariki in need.

Challenge yourself this winter and see if you can go Cold for a Cause.

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