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Prime Minister welcomed at Te Maara Kai O Wirihana

We were thrilled to welcome Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern in May to meet Manurewa High School students at Te Maara Kai O Wirihana, the collaborative community-led garden initiative.

Te Maara Kai O Wirihana has a central role to play in community regeneration and to produce fruit, vegetables and develop an urban farm to benefit the community and students.

The overall goal is to develop a whaanau-led social enterprise to support healthy food systems, health and wellbeing, and employment pathways for horticulture, environmental sciences and primary industries. .

It is a place for students to work in the garden, sell the fruit and vegetables at a low cost, manage the garden and show their skills in design as they help create the overall look. This initiative therefore enables fostering of social enterprise, business, project management, media and design skills.

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