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Burns Support Group donate $17,040 for ​National Burn Centre

Updated: Feb 1, 2019


Middlemore Hospital Staff with Bolero Bath Lift Trolley for National Burns Centre will help children with burns
Pictured: Kirstine Kent, Tracey Perrett, Michele Henry, and Karen Tyler.

The Burns Support Group have been proudly supporting Middlemore Foundation for over 17 years. Their latest fundraising efforts have funded the purchase of an Allen Pressure Relieving Mattress and a Bolero Bath Lift Trolley, both of which will significantly help staff treat patients in a safer and more comfortable manner. Tracey Perrett, National Burn Service Coordinator, is extremely grateful for the on-going support. “These pieces of equipment will reduce the development of pressure areas in theatre and help to provide a safe supported environment for children during procedures. Our sincere thanks to the Burn Support Group for their generous donation.”

The Bolero Bath Lifter will be used on the inpatient surgical ward of Kidz First for the care of children with burns. The lifter provides a secure environment throughout the bathing cycle, allowing the child to relax. It is used in the transport and transfer of children from their bed into the bath, providing a secure and safe setting for a child. The efficient functions and features provide a safe working environment for parents/caregivers and staff involved in the bath procedures allowing more time to attend to the child as it is fully adjustable. Karen Tyler, Charge Nurse of Kidz First Surgical Care, expressed her gratitude stating “It’s almost like Christmas again.”

The Allen Pressure Relieving Mattress will improve patient care by improving graft take by minimizing the movement of fresh grafts. This reduces the risk of creating pressure areas under grafts or in burned areas that await debridement and reduce the risk of pressure injuries to normal skin/tissue while the surgery it performed on other areas of patient body. The mattress conforms to the patient's body providing proper support, prohibiting bony prominences from bottoming out and evening out regularities and gaps of the table surface. This reduces the healing time as all tissues are preserved intact and free from pressure associated injuries. 

Michele Henry, Office Administrator for Burn’s Support Group, felt staff from Kidz First and National Burn Centre were extremely grateful to receive the items.  “Both items were received with total appreciation by the staff in these areas.  It is a feeling of immense pride today as the staff showed the workings and the benefits that each piece of equipment will provide for the patient. Each year the Burn Support Charitable Trust aims to improve patient care through the funding of equipment to help burn patients, Burn’s Support Group has to date provided over $1.5m towards improving the journey of a burn survivor. " If you, or anyone you know, has sustained a burn injury and is in need of support, please contact the Burn Support Charitable Trust.

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