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Help Kylee breathe again

Kylee suffers a rare lung condition which restricts her breathing dramatically. Her lung condition has worsened over the past few months, meaning Kylee requires an oxygen machine to ensure she can continue to live.

Kylee was unfortunately in an abusive relationship, which resulted in damage to her ribcage leaving her in ICU, which led to this point.

She has been unable to leave the house, this has meant that she hasn’t been able to fully support her daughter and has not been unable to return to work. Middlemore Foundation are assisting Kylee with funding to get an oxygen machine.

Kylee’s daughter Caitlin was born with a brain tumour and was operated on at the young age of 2. A recent hospital check-up indicated that the tumour may possibly be back.

Having this oxygen machine will allow for Kylee to continue with everyday life and be there for her daughter, who is also going through her own battles and needs her Mother.

We ask that you please donate to this beautiful family who is in a frantic need. Any contribution will help towards the purchase of a mobile oxygen machine for Kylee. Not only will this ensure her survival, but it will also allow her to be there for her daughter and continue to live her life.

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