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Ko Huiamano: Warm, dry, healthy homes

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The Middlemore Foundation Mana-ā-Riki project being led by Kootuitui ki Papakura is thrilled to have recently secured the Papakura Local Board as a new partner in its Warm, Dry, Healthy Homes programme. The Local Board is providing funding of $15,200.00 to be utilised within the next three months to support.

Warm housing being provided by Middlemore Foundation and Habitat for Humanity

Kootuitui's collaboration with Habitat for Humanity around a housing education and remediation package for families living in Papakura. The programme consists of three parts - an education workshop on the elements of a warm, dry, healthy homes; an assessment of the house with a written report provided; and remedial solutions such as fitting of bubble wrap on windows, v-seal around windows and doors and floor-length curtains.

 Identified by Kootuitui's team of voluntary whānau as a need due to the poor state of housing in the Papakura area, they have developed this intervention which emphasises whānau-led education and empowerment to enable local families to help themselves. The Papakura Local Board joins other current sponsors in this work, Middlemore Foundation, The Southern Initiative, the Hugo Charitable Trust and Habitat for Humanity

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