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Baby Jayson’s Bronchiectasis 

14-month-old Jayson was rushed to Kidz First Hospital struggling to breathe, battling a high fever with his heart racing. It was incredibly scary for his mum, Sonya, who called an ambulance for her baby boy, and has been by his side ever since with friends and family caring for her two daughters, 10 and 12, at home.   

Jayson has been admitted to Kidz First before battling respiratory issues, doctors gave him the devastating diagnosis: bronchiectasis at just 7 months old. Normally an active and chatty baby, Jayson was subdued, just laying in bed - a scary sight for his mum who is used to seeing him dance and wiggle at every opportunity. Sonya hates having her baby in hospital - but is sure it won’t be the last stay this winter. 

"The Kidz First staff have been really good," Sonya notes. "They remember Jayson from last year and recognized us when we came in. They are always asking if we need anything."

The cold snap in March triggered Jayson’s respiratory issues, and Sonya worries it will worsen when winter arrives. "It looks like I’m going to have three sick babies at the same time; the girls are now showing the same symptoms. I don’t want to keep coming here," says Sonya, “It's a struggle”.

You can help babies like Jayson through our Jammies for June initiative, see more at www.jammiesforjune.org.nz

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