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Burn Support Group donate a rehabilitation chair to assist Burn Survivors with long term recovery

The Burn Support Group along with Southern Stars have gifted a valuable piece of equipment to our National Burn Centre to help burn survivors during their recovery process here at Middlemore Hospital.

Patients that are treated at the National Burn Centre have suffered some unimaginable injuries. Many of them have to endure long periods in isolation because the risk of infection is very high. Any donation to this department is greatly appreciated, benefitting every single patient who comes through.

The Sertain Hilo Electric Rehabilitation Chair will provide assistance to the National Burn Centre’s most vulnerable burn patients during their transition from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), transitioning from a bed to a chair using a patient slide. The chair reclines completely flat, allowing a bed to bed transfer, reducing pain for the patient and protecting the integrity of their skin. This is also the safest method to reduce injury to our staff. The chair then adjusts to either a recline position or a full chair position, with adjustable height allowing a patient to comfortably stand up fromthe chair if they are able to do so.

This chair has excellent pressure relief and a patient could comfortably remain in it for a long period of time. It can also be dismantled for cleaning purposes to ensure hygiene standards are met.

Having the ability to use a patient slide for a bed to bed transfer is a comfortable option compared to a hoist, with less shearing of new grafts, and enhancing the customer journey satisfaction. This method reduces the risk of skin tears or compromising grafts and can be done in a timely manner. By doing this, patients are able to get out of bed earlier, go outside and attend regular rehabilitation sessions in the gym. By allowing patients to mobilise early, this will reduce future implications for a burns survivor, shorten their hospital stay and create more space for incoming patients.

For many patients, getting out of their room gives them a significant psychological boost. This allows them to see they are making progress and moving onto the next stage of their rehabilitation.

This chair offers patients the ability to mobilise early and recover faster. It also helps those patients who are getting out of bed for the first time, who sometimes lack the ability to stand and get back onto the bed. This can reduce anxiety and promote a sense of independence.

This is one of the only rehabilitation chairs that reclines completely flat, is height adjustable to allow it to be the same height as the bed, but can also adjust so the patient can stand up from it. This chair also comes with a central locking brake, allowing all four wheels to brake at once with one pedal, making it easier for staff to manage. This is particularly useful when in a smaller space or positioning the chair next to the bed for transfers.

We are extremely grateful for our compassionate donors like the Burn Support Group who continue to help the National Burn Centre. Your generosity means a lot to us, however it is our patients who benefit most. Thank you for your ongoing support, we cannot wait to see the positive difference these chairs make to our patients, their families and staff.

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